Matt Harmon

Matt is a digital marketing expert. He’s done over $30million in upfront sales using online advertising and he’s been supplying digital marketing expertise to companies for over 12 years.

Matt has helped some of the biggest online names take their business to the next level. Along with being a traffic expert, he has consulted with each client to maximize the effectiveness of their current online sales funnels.

The ideas and expertise Matt brings to the arena have helped companies increase their online sales by 100%, 200% and even 300%. It didn’t matter if these bigwigs were having a hard time getting traction, or just couldn’t put their foot on the gas to outpace their competitors. He got their offers smokin’, and this is your chance to learn how.

Nick Dumitru

Nick founded his first company at age 19. Now, he consults on marketing strategy to multi-million-dollar businesses as the CEO of Think Basis Inc.

For years, he has been singularly focused on helping business owners quickly achieve exponential growth in a wide variety of industries. As a result, Nick has been featured as an expert in publications like Inc. Magazine, The Globe & Mail, IT World Canada, and CBC Radio Canada.

Nick is the swiss army knife of the internet marketing world. With a heavy slant on technical solutions, he brings innovative digital products on the market. When it comes to technical SEO, information architecture, and user experience – Nick’s the one guy you definitely want to have on your team. And now, you do.

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